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"Prazsky" =  Prague  


is the capital of Czech Republic

They are originaly from

 Czech Republic

To save people from

Plague - The Black Death

 They were used for killing rats, what gave them the name „Krysařík“ = Ratter

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Historically, this breed has been known since the remote past of the Czech state. Because of its small size, fast movement and highly developed sense of smell it was used for killing rats (which gave it the name „Krysařík“ = Ratter). This quality it possesses was gained during its long historical development. This small active dog was often seen at aristocratic feasts of Czech kings at the Prague castle. It adorned courts of Bohemian aristocracy and as a present from the Bohemian kings it became a possession of other European rulers and later of the ordinary citizens. Searching of the historical sources brought the results proving that this breed really comes from Bohemia and its origins can be traced to the early history of our nation. In 1980 its regeneration successfully started. Pražský krysařík is again a favourite pet, lives in our families and the people in the countries of the world have started being interested in it, which is a very pleasing fact.

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