Pure Prague Ratter

​                             Important

Before making any purchase please contact us with your details. You need to get paper approval first. Thank you

The Membership Package include:

Pedigree Certificate

 ( An official document with the full dog, breeder, buyer information

signed by the Director of our Club, with watermarks and Club Stamp)

Breed Standard Information (signed by club)

Breed History Information (signed by club)

Ability to advertise your Puppies for Sale on our website

Opportunity to become a recommended breeder with a certificate from our club 

Become a Member

To become a member of our club you need to contact us by email with the following information:

Colour copy of CMKU PK Export Pedigree Registration

 Import ID Number (for each dog) 

Contact Details (full address, phone number, email, website)

Photo of Each Dog (in profile and from the front, on clear background) 


Puppies Pedigree Registration

Puppies that were born from registered with us dogs, also could be registered. Pedigree Papers provided.

Become a Recommended Breeder​

To become a recommended breeder of our club please contact us with:

Membership Registration Number (for each dog)

Letter from your local VET ( description of your dog health and common condition,

please note that we need this letter annually)

Prices and Responsibilities

Club Registration -  $115 per dog

Breeder registration  - $25

Litter Registration - $105 per puppy (within 90 days after DOB)

Registration Changes - $30

Change of ownership - $53

All applications must be accompanied with the pedigree generation information you have 

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any question by this form