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This club was created to unite and help breeders, happy owners and just dog lovers.

In our club we control the quantity and the quality of Prague Ratters in Australia. It is important for us to save the clearance of a bloodline and to manage pedigree of each pure dog, imported or born in Australia. It is our mission.
You can find plenty of useful information on our website as well as find qualified breeders with a high standard dogs.

 We register with our Club and support all imported dogs that have CMKU PK Registration as well as their next generation.

However it is also just a great growing community, where you can share photos of your dog, find new friends or advertise your puppies for sale. Our support team will help you with that. 

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 Pure Prague Ratter Club pledges to provide you with control of the quantity and the quality of Prague Ratters in Australia

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To help support the clearance of a bloodline and to manage pedigree of each pure Ratter, imported or born in Australia
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